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The Kyrenia Nautical Club and The Municipality of Kyrenia are constructing an exact replica of the "KYRENIA II". The "KYRENIA II" was the result of a unique experiment of Nautical Archaeology carried out in 1982 by the Hellenic Institute for the preservation of Nautical tradition (Mr. Harry Tzallas and his Team) and the prominent scientists on the field Professors: Michael Katzev (dec.2001) and Dick Steffy. The major purpose of this achievement was to attempt to construct a replica of the Kyrenia ship in exactly the same method as the ancient Hellenes did.

The replica has the exact dimensions of the prototype and was built using the same methods applied by ancient shipwrights. Known as the "shell-first method", it involved the building-up of the planks first, in contrast to the technique use din modern wooden shipbuilding, where, after laying the keel, the frames are placed first. As far as is known, this was the only method used in shipbuilding up to the tenth century AD.

The original name of the ship was not preserved, so she is known affectionately as "Kyrenia". The replica was named Kyrenia II. Construction was completed in 1985 and followed the original lines of the ancient shipbuilders. The materials used were close to the original as possible. Pine was selected and for the tenons pegs of oak. Its sail measured 64 sq. m, an educated guess as to the original. 

Kyrenia II was launched on 22 June 1985 and went on a trial sail before attempting to travel to the islands of the Aegean in an attempt to recreate the probable route the ancient ship made during her last voyage.

The replica of "KYRENIA" is to be constructed following exactly the same lines plan, however since the objective is not a naval architectural task - which would have been a meaningless repetition of the first successful experiment of "KYRENIA II", modern  fast traditional boat building methods are to be employed as the major objective of "KYRENIA" is to continuously experiment with ancient mariners methods and capabilities of sailing. 

We consider finding out the sailing techniques employed by our ancestors as our prime objective and will persist, with the assistance and advice of all scientists from all freedom and justice loving nations in the world.

This website will try to keep you informed about the building progress of the "Kyrenia Ship" project.


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